Janice Dickinson has slammed Kim Kardashian West.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson

The 61-year-old veteran model - who claimed she was the world's first supermodel in 1979 - has hit out at the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star and doesn't think the raven-haired beauty doesn't deserve to be called a "supermodel" because she makes her feel physically sick.

Speaking on 'The Tomorrow Show With Keven Undergaro' about the 'Selfish' author, Janice said: "I don't think she's a supermodel, I don't. Give me a break. You think that's supermodel? That is not supermodel. She can't beat me. She can't. Apples and oranges.

"Kim Kardashian made the cover of Vogue which made me want to vomit. It was crazy.

"They're not models! They're reality TV stars!"

And the catwalk icon - who embarked on her modelling career in the 1970s and has boasted over four decades at the helm of the fashion industry - believes posing for high fashion shoots is "extremely hard work", and you need a certain shaped face to be able to be successful, which she claims the Kardashian family don't have.

She explained: "You know modeling is extremely hard work you have to have perfect proportions. The Kardashians do not have couture proportion."

However, this isn't the first time the former 'America's Next Top Model' judge has been vocal about the 36-year-old television personality - who has three-year-old daughter North and 12-month-old son Saint with her rapper husband Kanye West - and believes her style is not to be emulated by other people.

Speaking previously, she said: "When it comes to fashion I say to people all the time, if you want guidance for your fashion just consider this, if a Kardashian is wearing it -- don't.

"I think it's vulgar and I just think given the amount of public exposure that the Kardashians have, to potentially be sending a message to people that 'you too can dress like this' -- no."