Jean Paul Gaultier's dream outfit would be "one crystal on each nipple".

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

The 64-year-old fashion designer - who launched his debut fashion range in 1976 - has admitted his dream red carpet ensemble would be to be completely nude with only two gems covering his bare chest.

Speaking in a clip ahead of The Fashion Awards 2016, which will take place on Monday (05.12.16) at London's Royal Albert Hall and will see Jean present at the star studded bash, he said: "I am Jean Paul Gaultier - fashion designer.

"Maybe myself, only one crystal on each nipple, good idea, isn't it?"

This news comes as no surprise, as the fashion and beauty mogul has described himself as "spontaneous".

When asked to pinpoint his qualities in three words, he said: "Sincere, honest and spontaneous."

And the entrepreneur - who stopped his ready-to-wear clothing lines in 2014 to focus on accessories and his beauty lines - is nervous he won't complete his show-stopping suit prior to the event this evening, which is in partner with the luxury jewellery brand Swarovski.

He explained: "My outfit is the most important thing I am thinking about. I hope I will find the days enough to finish it."

And Jean has revealed the three essential pieces of clothing are a corset, a t-shirt and something a little more glamorous, which is laden in Swarovski crystals.

Speaking about the wardrobe must-haves, he said: "One corset, second a striped t-shirt, and something completely in Swarovski."

The creative mastermind believes the key to a successful career is to be "confident" and just "go go go" when you put your mind to something.

Speaking about his motto, he said: "Be confident in yourself. When you love something, go go go."

And Jean believes the key to gracing the runway is to remember you are walking "for fashion" and to smile.

He said: "To walk try not to fall, you are walking for fashion, to have to have that in your mind and smile."

Meanwhile, Jean has admitted the one person he would love to style would be the Queen of England.

He said: "If I was the King of England, I would love to dress the Queen all in crystals."

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