Jennifer Lopez "likes" high intensity workouts, according to her personal trainer David Kirsch.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The 46-year-old singer undergoes a strict fitness regime under the orders of David, which sees her exercise her entire body through a "variety" of core exercises, which include stability ball pikes, kick boxing and single-leg squats.

Speaking to Allure magazine about his celebrity client, David said: "Whenever I work with Jennifer, we always work her full body. She likes high-intensity workouts and keeping the variety up.

"It's all about shaping and toning the curves that God blessed her with. We do a lot of circuit training and a lot of compound movements, like crossover lunges and single-leg squats. We do a lot of burpees. We also do a little bit of kick boxing.

"For her abs and core, we do stability-ball pikes."

Meanwhile the brunette beauty, who released her latest single 'Ain't Your Mama' on Friday (06.05.16), which sees her adorn signature looks from every iconic decade in the accompanying music video, felt most connected to the '80s style.

Speaking previously Jennifer's stylist Mariel Haenn said: "Every single one of them was fun, but the '80s she [Jennifer] sort of connected to. I think because she was a young girl in the '80s and she could relate to those styles, and the hair and the make-up and everything."

The mother of two - who has twins Maximilian and Emme, both eight years old, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony - changed in to the Nine to Five boots from Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Denim Desserts range to dance in, although she usually wears boots with thicker heels.

Speaking about the thigh high stilettos, Mariel said: "That last look was supposed to be something different, and then we wound up featuring the boots in that scene. She's [Jennifer's] a trooper. At first I was like, 'That's a lot of dancing. I don't know if you'll be able to dance in these.' But she did.

"They're really high, and usually when she wears heels for dancing, she likes a thicker heel because it's more support. But she's always a trooper to make it happen for the shot."