Jodie Turner-Smith's beauty routine has "definitely become simpler" since she became a mom.

Jodie Turner-Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith

The 'Queen and Slim' actress welcomed daughter Janie into the world five months ago and she admits things have changed greatly for her in the past few months.

She said: "It definitely has become simpler. I don't get to spend two hours in the bathroom anymore. And because it's simpler, it's definitely more the point, like everything that I do and everything that I have is just the essentials and the stuff that I just really can't live without. And then I try to carve out time for myself to do the other things to feel good and luxuriate, like take a hot bath."

The same applies for fragrance as Jodie admits she only now wears scents on "special occasions" since she welcomed her daughter into the world.

She added: "Now, because of my daughter, I kind of only wear fragrance on special occasions. It’s more like when mum and dad are having a date night, the perfume goes on."

The 34-year-old actress feels it is important to keep hydrated.

Asked for her number one beauty tip, she added to People magazine: "Stay hydrated. I'm kind of addicted to alkaline water.

"Joshua [Jackson; her husband] and I just got to New York, and I made him order me some because I think it tastes better. And I have one of those water bottles that have the hours on it, and when you get to the bottom it says, ‘Almost there. Keep going!’ which keeps me motivated."