Jourdan Dunn says her new Flannels campaign is about "celebrating multiculturalism".

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn

The 30-year-old model is the new face of the multi-brand retailer's latest project that sets out to focus on the changes in the fashion industry following the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jourdan said of the campaign: “As a brand, Flannels is all about embracing and celebrating multiculturalism. They support emerging talent as much as top designers, which is something that is close to my heart.”

The campaign focuses on Britain's multicultural society and stars a host of the country's diverse creative talent, including male models Selim Ibrahim and Amin Lawal.

Michael Murray, Flannels' head of elevation, added: “Jourdan has been making waves across the fashion industry since coming onto the scene a decade ago, not only through her casting in multiple high-profile campaigns and walking every key runway, but in the cultural and social spheres in their entirety.

"She has been pushing existing boundaries, breaking them down fearlessly and paving the way for the next generation of creatives cross-industry. This innovative collaboration with new talent showcases that journey and aligns strategically with our brand.”

What's more, Flannels has taken the campaign meaning behind the camera by focusing on those from a BAME background, including stylist Shaquille R Williams and photographer Christina Ebenezer.

However, it was a "no brainer" for Dunn that Christina should get the job after she first saw some of her work in GQ.

She said: “I first saw Christina’s work with her GQ cover of Michaela Cole. I sent the images to my agent and said that I really wanted to work with her. I loved working with her! She is very cool, calm, and just gets the shot.”

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