Julien Macdonald

Julien Macdonald

Julien Macdonald has launched his first ever jewellery line.

The 43-year-old fashion designer has released a brand new range of necklaces, rings and bracelets which, according to him, boasts "full-on, red carpet glamour".

Talking ahead of its release on November 23, Julien shared: "My pieces aren't shy. It is full-on, cocktail, red-carpet glamour. You don't necessarily wear them to the supermarket on a Saturday morning with the kids, but with my jewellery they probably will.

"A Julien Macdonald customer doesn't sit in the corner of a room, she is the room - she's the host."

Explaining his decision to incorporate the shapes of lionesses, he told Vogue.co.uk: "I love safari and I've been a few times. I take a lot of inspiration from it because you're so close to all the wild cats, so I wanted to incorporate that, but my kind of animal - she's more bionic.

"The pieces are very modern because I like jewellery pieces that you can talk about. I don't see the point in jewellery being tiny and small. I like over-the-top things."

The flamboyant designer - who founded his eponymous fashion house in 1997 - also revealed that he hasn't been tempted to work as a creative director for a fellow fashion brand after leaving Givenchy in 2004.

He said: "I've been asked a few times would I consider things but I've turned the offers down because I like working for myself.

"Fashion's a difficult game because everyone wants to be cool in fashion; being glamorous and cool is very difficult to pull off."

Julien will be presenting his new jewellery line on QVC on November 23.

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