Juno Temple believes Agent Provocateur's lingerie gives her "confidence".

Juno Temple for Agent Provocateur

Juno Temple for Agent Provocateur

The 27-year-old actress, who stars in the lingerie giant's latest Naughty and Nice interactive video, which is part of their Holiday season campaign, has admitted she has always "loved" the brand ever since she was a teenager because she "feels good" about herself when she adorns the underwear garments.

Speaking about the fashion house, the blonde beauty said: "Everything! I have loved agent provocateur since I was 16.

"It gives me a confidence which is mine. A secret. And makes me feel good about myself."

And the 'Wild Child' star has described the lingerie sets and elegant dressing gowns, which she adorns in Agent Provocateur's latest short video, as "art work".

Speaking about the designs, she said: "To me it is feminine lingerie with an edge, it is truly designed for women and in my opinion should be worn under everything-sweat pants to ball gowns.

"I think Agent Provocateur creates lingerie that is like art work, but is truly wearable at the same time. Honestly it's the one thing I can depend on everyday that I know makes me feel good."

In the short film the blonde beauty can be seen switching between both themes, juxtaposing her doll-like persona for the 'Nice' section, which sees her cuddling up to a teddy bear and drinking a glass of milk before falling into a playful stupor, with a gothic whisky-drinking vamp to depict the 'Naughty' theme.

The star sported a pale pink silk robe over a nude coloured underwear set with a suspender and stockings and pastel pink platforms from the Sparkle range, and bright pink lipstick, whilst her hair was styled in large ringlets for 'Nice'.

The clip then flicks to the 'Naughty' theme, which sees Juno undergo a dramatic transformation where she was captured knocking back a glass of alcohol, pick lipstick out of her teeth whilst she waltzed around a dimly-lit room in a black boned corset and lace dressing gown, whilst her golden locks were styled in a half up and half down beehive hairdo.

Juno is then filmed going to sleep in both sections, which leads on to a dream sequence where Juno is bouncing on her bed in the pink-coloured bedroom and playing around with the giant stuffed toy.

The London-born star is then transported from the black boudoir to a nightmare scene where she writhes around black balloons

Throughout the commercial Diane Decker's 'I'm a Little Christmas Cracker' track can be heard playing in the background.

The full Autumn/Winter 2016 commercial can be viewed on agentprovocateurnaughtyornice.com

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