Kaia Gerber would like to recreate her mother's Pepsi commercial ad outfit.

Kaia Gerber wants to recreate Cindy Crawford's famous Pepsi ad outfit

Kaia Gerber wants to recreate Cindy Crawford's famous Pepsi ad outfit

The 22-year-old star is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber and when asked which of her mother's outfits she would like to wear herself one day, she admitted there are "so many" looks to choose from but would like to do a "new version" of the famous white vest and jeans combination seen in the 1992 soft drink commercial.

She told People: "There's so many that I love and that I think are so iconic. The red Oscars dress I’ve always thought was just so beautiful. But it’s like some things are just so good you don't even want to touch them.

And I think some of those moments I'm just like, ‘Leave them there,’ you know? I definitely think the Pepsi thing would be fun But if they're going to do her — it has to be the iconic commercial, but a new version of that."

In 2018, Cindy and her son Presley, 24, recreated the ad for Super Bowl and at the time, she revealed her daughter had wondered at the time why she didn't also get the chance to star alongside her in the campaign.

Cindy said: "I was saying to Kaia, ‘Presley and I are doing this commercial’ and she was like, ‘Wait, Presley and you? What about me? I said, ‘Your time will come, honey, don’t worry.’

Cindy added that it would be "fun" for Kaia to recreate the original ad one day and take on the famous look.

She said: "I think it would be fun for her to get to really recreate my original spot."