Kelly Rowland likes to "have fun" with fashion.

Kelly Rowland doesn't like to copy other people's style

Kelly Rowland doesn't like to copy other people's style

The former Destiny's Child star doesn't like to follow trends when it comes to red carpet looks.

She told PEOPLE: “I just like to have fun with fashion.

“I don't like to follow anybody. I like to do what I feel.”

During her time in the iconic girl group alongside Beyonce and Michelle Williams, the girls wore co-ordinated looks, and Kelly recalled how she "couldn't breathe" in the corsets they rocked to the 2000 Video Music Awards.

She said: “It was these corsets.

“I remember I could not breathe to save my life, but it looked amazing. We had stones on these black corsets and skirts and it was different variations of corsets. It was dope.”

Elsewhere, Kelly spoke about her flawless complexion and how her go-to tool is a Shani Darden LED light that she sleeps under "every night".

She said: “There's this light by Shani Darden, the LED light, and it's not cheap. But I literally sleep under it every night.”

“It's like a 20 to 30-minute time limit. When I'm under there, it [has] red lights, blue lights and other colours of light.

“But those are the ones that I use the most, and they are so awesome because of the simple fact that they are like killing germs and [helping with] anti-aging, which is amazing."