Kevin Hart stole David Beckham's "dirty biker boot".

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

The 37-year-old actor - who stars alongside the former England football captain in H&M's menswear campaigns - has admitted he "loves" nice footwear and has revealed the "only thing" he has ever taken from the sportsman is a pair of his chunky shoes.

The funnyman told The New York Times: "I also love a pair of very nice boots. I got a pair of Balenciaga boots.

"One thing I stole from David Beckham is the dirty biker boot. He does dirty biker boot right."

Although the 'Get Hard' star helped himself to David's shoe wardrobe, he has revealed he is more of a "sneakers guy" and is a big fan of luxury designer brands expensive footwear lines.

He explained: "I am a sneakers guy. I like simplicity. I'm very basic with my colours, too: black or white or the occasional burgundy. That's true of my entire closet. If you go with the basic lane, you don't ever have to throw clothes away.

"I'm all over the John Elliott shoe line. Saint Laurent also does a good job with sneakers. Gucci, the latest designs that are closer to the classic signature style, I love that. And Common Projects, the aesthetic is me."

Meanwhile Kevin - who married his wife Eniko Parrish earlier this year - has revealed his fashion sense has changed since he has matured.

He said: "If you stay away from trends, you don't have to keep changing with the Joneses. That's something that happened with my style as I've gotten older. When you're older, your style is a representation of where you are in life, your level of maturity.

"I consider myself a very mature man at this stage. The way I'm dressing and spending on clothes is just a smarter way.

"I'm a black-and-white T-shirt kind of guy. There's not a whole lot of colour in my closet."