Lily Collins' skin always feels "brighter and healthier" after filming 'Emily in Paris'.

Lily Collins enjoys regular facials

Lily Collins enjoys regular facials

The 34-year-old actress takes the time to have regular facials when she's shooting the show in France because the clinic she visits are able to "work miracles" on her complexion.

She told "I love getting facials at Cible Skin in Paris. They work miracles on my skin while I’m filming Emily in Paris and always leave me feeling brighter and healthier than when I started the season.

"Oh, and I’m never without Beekeeper's propolis throat spray, which helps soothe my throat and keeps me from getting sick while travelling."

And Lily also loves the way the hairstylists on the show are able to do her locks.

She explained: "My hairstylist did my hair recently for an episode in the show and I loved what he did so much that I wanted to make it last the weekend. It started as an updo, but then turned into a whole other look—a cool blow dry with my bangs looking great and very French. Using Living Proof's Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo was the perfect way for me to extend its life."

But when she isn't working, the 'To the Bone' actress prefers to keep her hair and make-up as simple as possible.

She said: "The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realised how important taking care of my hair and skin is.

"So when I’m not working, less is more! I always love experimenting with glam when I’m working or going to a big event, but for my time off, I’m a make-up minimalist and really prioritise skincare and taking care of myself...

"Whether I’m shooting a movie or on a photoshoot, it can take a big toll on my hair between all that straightening, colouring and curling. So, when I'm not working, I make it my mission to reset and concentrate on damage control by using Living Proof's Triple Bond Complex. That way I can maintain my hair’s integrity and make sure it’s the healthiest it can be."

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