Lucy Bronze never felt like she "belonged" in the fashion world.

Lucy Bronze has found her own style now

Lucy Bronze has found her own style now

The 32-year-old Lioness admitted her "passion" for sport growing up meant she didn't feel like she was in a position to experiment with what she wore, even though she admired the "amazing" outfits she saw on other people.

She told Women's Health magazine: "‘I felt like I didn't belong in that world, even from a young age. I was so passionate about football and sport, it felt like that’s what I like so I have to do that.

"When I was growing up, I didn't really have that person I could [look up to] who played football and liked to dress differently and that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

"Even though I always enjoyed what other people were wearing, and what other people looked nice in and when they were brave to wear amazing dresses and outfits."

But now Lucy - who is the face of ALIGNE's spring/summer campaign - has realised there is always a "place" for everyone, so long as they are "brave" enough to be themselves.

She said: "As I've got older, I’ve become more brave and realised there is a place for everybody – whether you're a footballer or an athlete – there's definitely a place for you in fashion if you’re brave enough to have your own style and feel comfortable with that."

And the Barcelona defender credits her teammates at former club Lyon for helping her find her own style.

She said: "There was a couple of players there whose style was amazing. They would say ‘You could wear this’ and I thought ‘No I can’t,’ but they were the people who really pushed me and said there's a place for everybody in fashion.

"Slowly, I've felt more comfortable in trying new things and finding my style."