Maggie Gyllenhaal feels like Yoko Ono in a pair of grey leather pants by Lafayette 148.

Maggie Gyllenhaal loves how clothes remind her of moments in her life

Maggie Gyllenhaal loves how clothes remind her of moments in her life

The Hollywood actress is the new face of the quirky American fashion house - with A-list clientele including Michelle Obama, Dame Helen Mirren, Melissa McCarthy, Glenn Close, and Oprah Winfrey - and says she chanelled the 90-year-old widow of the late Beatles legend John Lennon in the "unusual" trousers.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Maggie said: “They’re very kind of ’70s and I almost feel like Yoko Ono wearing it or something really cool. Unusual, beautiful colour, grey."

The 'Dark Knight' star loves how the clothes she's worn remind her of moments in her life.

She explained: "Clothes have always been important to me, mostly because I think they are a way of expressing yourself.

“I remember my mom used to say that she always remembered things, places, and events by what she was eating, and I remembered them by what I was wearing.”

Asked why Lafayette 148 chose Maggie, 45, to front its fall 2023 collection, creative director Emily Smith said: “Her take on modern evening … read slightly mischievous while refined.

“This personified my admiration for her unique sense of sophisticated style and intellectual work—both on and off camera, and particularly in her screenwriting…. I admire her sense of ease, her sense of self and her humble, quiet, yet powerful confidence! I couldn’t be more excited to unveil this campaign and tell this very special story together.”

Whilst it's mostly about the fashion pieces, the partnership has enabled her to speak about other things close to her heart.

Maggie added: "Of course it’s clothes that are the centre of all of this, but the clothes became a kind of excuse to talk about a lot of other things and a lot of things that are interesting to me, like writing and movies and women."