Marc Jacobs chose Winona Ryder to front his spring beauty campaign because she has a "timeless" look.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

The 53-year-old fashion designer knew he was making the right decision to have the 44-year-old actress as the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty - her first ever campaign of that type - because her look crosses over all eras.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Jacobs - who broke into the fashion business as Winona was making waves in Hollywood - said: "I never think I'm nostalgic. I'm very much living in this moment, but I've been around for 53 years; I've certainly retained all of the moments that made me who I am. I don't question it if, instinctively, something feels right.

"It's everything, every part Winona's ever played ... She's a very special, smart person. On a physical level she's this timeless beauty; we're drawn to each other because we both have these minds which just don't shut off."

Winona's big screen alter egos such as Lydia Deetz from 'Beetlejuice' have even inspired some of the creations in his current autumn/winter clothing collection.

Speaking about his inspiration, he explained: "It was this idea of the ghosts of New York, and gothic heroes that we've liked in the past. We looked at some of the things we'd done, and turned them into different shades of grey, violets and blacks."

The fashion mogul also revealed that he doesn't have an "ideal woman" for his campaigns, and believes that as soon as you start looking for specific models, you stop yourself from ever being "surprised".

He said: "When I read what other designers say about who their woman is, they use the same three adjectives, 'She's sexy, modern, and young ...' I mean ... I can't define a person by her age or physical attributes. When anybody can answer that question, I always think it's a bit of a laugh. I don't have a formula for people and what they're attracted to. I also think that as soon as you say, 'Well, that's not my thing', you close yourself off from being surprised and delighted."

Jacobs is also a strong believer in not telling a woman what she should and shouldn't wear, with his clothing lines ranging from every day wear right the way through to runway pieces.

He said: "I'm not like other designers who say, 'Oh, you should wear this, you should wear that...' I don't like to impose what I think. "Winona is perfect for that, she can come in and choose [herself] a men's suit and wear it with a blouse ... I like people who have a sense of themselves. They might like what we do, but they're not looking to be told what to do."