Maya Hawke's fashion sense is "inspired" by her mom.

Maya Hawke reveals her fashion inspiration

Maya Hawke reveals her fashion inspiration

The 24-year-old actress is the daughter of Hollywood stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman and explained that she has always been "influenced" by her mother's culture and sense of style.

She said: "All of the most stylish people I know have a uniform, and mine is blue jeans, t-shirts and jackets. It's that thing of wanting to dress more like the designer themselves than the clothes they've designed. In terms of inspiration, I definitely inherited tonnes from my mom. I am totally inspired by her. We were just talking about it yesterday, how she has decorated the homes I've lived in my whole life influenced by her travels and her parents who were super involved with Buddhism and Tibet and the Dalai Lama. When I look at my apartment, it definitely looks like a space of someone who wants to be like her."

Meanwhile, when it comes to haircare, the 'Stranger Things' star always wanted a bob but eventually had to "get over her fear" and create a layered llook after failed attempts at creating volume but noted that late rock star Kurt Cobain also serves as an inspiration to her.

She told ELLE: "I used to really want a very straight bob with no layers, very French, and I had that for years. I was always trying to give it more volume, but it never really worked with that cut and I was afraid of cutting in layers. I had to just get over my fear, and now it's a lot of layers around the front and kind of choppy. Mostly, I just don't worry about it very much or touch it a lot. There's a hairstylist on Stranger Things called Sarah who says to rinse your hair out leaning over upside-down under cold water in the last second of your shower. Then you kind of cat-paw your hair up and just let it be really messy and not perfect. And in the world of messiness, you occasionally have ridiculous days, and you occasionally have great days. And that, I think, is also a generally good description of my personal style: you accept a lot of messiness and room for error to have the occasional miraculous, great day of all the different messinesses coming together and making you look like Kurt Cobain. He's also another big style influence for me. I'd really like to look like Kurt Cobain!"