Maya Jama has been wearing a fake clip-in fringe for years.

Maya Jama has revealed her hair secret

Maya Jama has revealed her hair secret

The 'Love Island' host has left fans stunned with her epic hair hack, which has seen her use a brunette clip-in piece to avoid "many bad hair days".

She wrote on Instagram: "My hair secret has been revealed! This fringe has saved many bad hair days over the years but it’s always felt like an industry secret until now.

"It comes long so you can cut it in yourself to your preferred length or take it to the salon to get it professionally cut in."

The 29-year-old presenter revealed her tip to fans, and promoted the clip-in fringe from her own Beauty Works X Maya Jama limited edition collection.

She continued: "A God send when the greasy hair comes and you just wanna pop out, pop a fringe on, available @beauty_worksonline"

Her fans were amazed by the big reveal, and they are certainly tempted to follow her example with their own style.

One follower wrote: "No WAY! i’ve sat opposite you with a fringe on and not clocked?! SOLD (sic)"

Another person hailed the secret tip "a game changer", while a third Intagram user said: "I saw Maya Jama with a clip on fringe, so I had to get a clip on fringe."

Others pointed out that the tip will be useful "for anyone suffering with thinning hair up top".

Yet another fan commented: "Omg I have hair loss on my crown and I can never wear my hair down, I think I may try this as I may be able to wear it down now."