Maya Jama thinks there is a "long way to go" until the beauty industry is completely diverse.

Maya Jama

Maya Jama

The 24-year-old presenter - who is one of the faces of Maybelline - is known for her flawless, dewy complexion, but she thinks it's "annoying" that so many cosmetic brands aren't inclusive and don't have shades which that match "every" skin tone.

Speaking to Glamour UK, Maya said: "There's such a long way to go. It's a struggle to find a shade for every skin tone, especially on a budget. I do think that brands are starting to realise there's more than one shade of human and we get suntans, too.

"It's annoying that it isn't standard. We are in England, we are multicultural so we need colour shades for everyone. Brands need to realise that people have dark skin so we need a shade to suit - and we also get sun tans."

The BBC Radio 1 host also insisted that social media can be a blessing and curse "at the same time" because it has helped her career progress as a presenter, however, she still gets body-shaming trolls message her daily.

She added: "Social media is a massive gift but a huge curse at the same time. You are your own promotional tool so I'd say if there's something you're passionate about, put it out there. Or you can just harass everyone like I did.

"Social has helped my career because as a presenter, you don't get your personality out as much as you're promoting someone else so that's where social media has been helpful for me."