Megan Fox “had a weird relationship with fashion” amid her rise to fame.

Megan Fox struggled with fashion when she was first famous.

Megan Fox struggled with fashion when she was first famous.

The ‘Transformers’ star - who got her big break in Michael Bay’s 00s action series - admitted to going out of her way “rejecting” the image being foisted upon her so she dressed down to maintain her old identity.

The 37-year-old actress told WWD: “For so long, I was rejecting being famous and rejecting whatever this image was that was sort of hung on me, this person I was supposed to be.

"For a long time, I ran from fashion and lived in nothing but sweatpants or workout clothes and never wanted to express myself.”

The brunette beauty reflected she was “really suffering with that existential question of, ‘well, who am I?’”

But the ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’ writer - who is engaged to rapper Machine Gun Kelly - is now “learning to use” clothes to express herself.

Megan said: “Especially right now, I’m going through all these different phases of like, ‘what do I like and what can I wear that expresses how I’m feeling or what do I want or what I want to say in this moment?’ I’m learning to use fashion in a way that reflects who I am now.”

The ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ star recently shared how “important” it is teach her sons Noah, 11, Bodhi, nine, and seven-year-old Journey - who she has with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, 50 - to posses “a very deep emotional intimacy” compared to other men she’s been with.

Megan told the same outlet: “I think because I have sons, it’s very important to me to raise boys who are not like these men that I’ve been with. It’s very important for me to raise boys who are able to have a very deep emotional intimacy with their partner.”