All of the Destiny's Child costumes were done "on a budget" to begin with.

All of the Destiny's Child costumes were done on a budget to begin with

All of the Destiny's Child costumes were done on a budget to begin with

The 2000s R'n'B trio consisted of Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland and Michelle explained that it was her bandmate's mother that handled all the the fashion choices in their early days because no big designers would come near them.

She told Marie Claire Australia: "At the time, before Destiny’s Child really, really blew up, the unfortunate thing was that a lot of designers would not dress Destiny’s Child. So, Beyoncé’s mother, with her background designing clothing (being a seamstress and having that kind of training), she would literally have to get a budget from the record label and go to a fabric store.

"That’s really how things happened. Then, you know, certain designers started to be like ‘oh, okay’ Most of the time a collection would have three or four pieces in the same collection.

"So, it was really cool, because I don’t like certain things that Kelly does or Beyoncé liked certain things, so it all worked out. We never had to fight or anything."

Beyonce recently hailed her mother as a "visionary" for the way she has worked alongside her throughout her career.

She told Essence magazine: "I woke up this morning, said my prayers, and really thought about the fact that my mom and I have been talking about this [hair care line] since I was a teenager. And what an honour to be able to do something so special with my mother, and to be able to share that with the world. This is meaningful.

"She’s a visionary and a brilliant woman and has worked so hard on this brand alongside me. She’s such a gift, and this is a bit surreal for me that it is finally here. It feels like all of her life’s learning, her 70 years, and now my 42 years, are generational and meant to be.