Miranda Lambert initially refused to change her outfit during her Las Vegas residency.

Miranda Lambert needed convincing over Las Vegas outfits

Miranda Lambert needed convincing over Las Vegas outfits

The 40-year-old singer was reluctant to take a lead from Carrie Underwood, who changed seven times each night during her own stint in Sin City.

As quoted by Women's Wear Daily, she said: "I saw Carrie’s show and it was great, but it’s not me.

"I’m squeezing this sausage into its casing one time and that’s it. Once I’m dressed, I’m done.”

Her longtime stylist Tiffany Gifford eventually wore her down and convinced Miranda to put on a second outfit during her residency.

The star admitted she's much more comfortable in casualwear, admitting she's "not a clothes person".

She added: "I'm a jeans and T-shirt girl".

However, she knew that she needed to push herself to match the glitz and glamour of Vegas.

For inspiration, she turned to Elvis Presley, and a visit to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas back in 2021.

She said: "There were the most amazing outfits,” Lambert recalls. “It was so inspiring. So we used that as inspiration as well as the heyday of Elvis.”

She has 18 outfits to choose from during the residency, all custom designed by Gifford alongside other designers such as Fort Lonesome, The Blondes, Snake Farm Creative and Rose Cut Clothing.

Gifford, who has worked with Miranda for almost 14 years, admitted not even look was a hit with her friend.

She laughed: "I had some ideas, like a tear-away outfit, but she said absolutely not. There was even trepidation about changing but she finally agreed to change one time."