Natalie Portman says there was "more personal style" when stars didn't have stylists for red carpet events.

Natalie Portman years for the old days when celebrities didn't have stylists

Natalie Portman years for the old days when celebrities didn't have stylists

The 'Black Swan' star, 43, misses the days when there was more "self-expression" through fashion.

She told Grazia: "In my twenties there were no stylists, you wore what you liked, there wasn’t as much pressure on it.

"It meant there were more mistakes, but it allowed for more personal style. There’s not so much self-expression when someone is choosing things for you."

The 'Lady In The Lake' star also admitted there is an "extremely dangerous" amount of pressure piled on people to have a perfect body in the social media age, which is why she avoids it at all costs.

She said: "It’s very hard to escape.

"You have to block it out as much as possible because it’s extremely dangerous."

Asked how she does that, she replied: "Not being on social media, not reading anything about myself."

The mother-of-two - who has son Aleph, 12, and daughter Amalia, seven, with estranged husband Benjamin Millepied - also admitted she has more time for self-care and wearing nice clothes and makeup now her children are older.

The Israeli-born said: "When you have really young kids and you’re trying to make it through the day, if you can get clothes on them, that feels like an achievement.

"Now they’re older I have the time to dry my hair, put some makeup on, choose a nice outfit and not feel hurried all the time."

When it comes to choosing body and hair products, Natlie ensures she picks the right scent.

She said: "Every part of my routine is very scent oriented.

"It’s very important to me how things smell, I choose everything from my hair and body wash to my face moisturiser based on the scent."

Her go-to is citrus as it is "evocative" of her youth.

She shared: "I grew up around a lot of citrus groves because I visited Israel a lot, so orange and citrus blossom are very evocative of my childhood."

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