Nicolas Cage chooses clothes that "match [his] expression in filmmaking".

Nicolas Cage talks fashion choices

Nicolas Cage talks fashion choices

The 59-year-old actor switches between favouring "maximalist or minimalist" looks depending on the roles he's playing, and a snakeskin jacket he wanted to wear in 'Wild at Heart' is something he'll always remember.

He told W magazine: "I try to find clothing that matches my expression in filmmaking — I can be either maximalist or minimalist.

"I found a snakeskin jacket at a store called Aaardvark’s, on Melrose, and then went to rehearsals for 'Wild at Heart'. I said to David Lynch, 'I want to wear this snakeskin jacket.'

"David calls me Nickster. When we were in Cannes with 'Wild at Heart', the president’s wife demanded that I sing 'Love Me Tender' to her in front of everybody at a long table.

"David said, 'Nickster, you get up there right now on that table, and you sing that song!' So I jumped up. I was so nervous.

"But David got the Palme d’Or for 'Wild at Heart'. I like to think that my fractured singing helped him win the award."

And Nicolas also recalled feeling ill at ease wearing a tuxedo when he picked up the Best Actor Oscar in 1995.

Asked his first red carpet look, he told the publication: "I don’t remember, but I do remember I was dressed in a Brooks Brothers tuxedo for the Academy Awards on the night I won Best Actor for 'Leaving Las Vegas'.

"I wasn’t totally comfortable wearing tuxedos at that point in my life."

Meanwhile, the 'Pig' star admitted to getting so starstruck by Led Zeppelin rocker Robert Plant, he was unable to speak.

He said: "I was once at an oyster house in Austin, Texas, and Robert Plant walked in. He looked terrific. He looked like he did in the ’70s. He had a burgundy metallic suit on, and I wanted to say hi, and I found that my words didn't form."