Olivia Culpo had to apply her make-up in the bathroom sink.

Olivia Culpo (c) Instagram

Olivia Culpo (c) Instagram

The 24-year-old actress - who was crowned Miss USA in a beauty pageant in 2012 - has admitted she had to take "desperate measures" to get ready for a day watching fashion shows in Paris, France, on Monday (03.10.16), and sit in the basin, because the "only mirror" in her apartment was situated above the bathroom fixture.

The brunette beauty announced the news via social media, which saw her post a picture of her surrounded by beauty products sitting in the white sink looking into a mirror surrounded by lights.

The 'The Other Woman' actress captioned the upload on her Instagram account: "This morning in Paris: I had to do my own makeup and the only mirror was above the sink. [email protected]marjan had to do my hair standing on a stool.. Oh yeah and I was in the sink #DesperateTimes#Desperatemeasures #DONTFALL#justineisthebest (sic)."

The star also shared a video of her on her Instagram Story applying her make-up and getting her hair styled in the unusual setting.

Olivia captioned one brief clip of her perched in a sink full of cosmetic products "casual".

Meanwhile, Olivia - who was announced as the face of fashion house Rampage's Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign - has admitted she has "three fashion do's" and only "one fashion don't", which is to not follow any rules.

Speaking previously about her style tips, she said: "My three fashion do's would be always bunch up the sleeves, tuck it in if it's appropriate with the pant or skirt or whatever because I think it makes everything look cleaner. And then my third fashion do is pop the collar, pop it, because sometimes it looks cool, sometimes it's too much, but it adds something especially with outerwear.

"My one fashion don't is don't play by the rules. I think that fashion is all about expressing yourself, being creative and honestly being an artist within yourself and do whatever you want and I don't think that that means there are any rules."

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