Olivia Culpo thinks "everybody" should own a denim dress.

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

The 24-year-old actress - who stars in the fashion house Rampage's Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign - has admitted she thinks a woman's wardrobe staple should be a denim dress because it is "loose and comfortable" and is perfect for any occasion "especially" when travelling.

Speaking about the fashion must have in her behind the scenes video with the brand, which was posted on the Rampage website, she said: "Today's Rampage shoot was for the Fall campaign and we shot in Brooklyn in a really cool, funky penthouse. I think everybody could use a denim dress in their wardrobe, especially when they're travelling, because it's so loose and comfortable."

And the brunette beauty - who previously dated musician Nick Jonas - has revealed she has "three fashion do's" and only "one fashion don't", which is to not follow any rules.

Speaking about the fashion rules she follows, 'The Other Woman' star said: "My three fashion do's would be always bunch up the sleeves, tuck it in if it's appropriate with the pant or skirt or whatever because I think it makes everything look cleaner. And then my third fashion do is pop the collar, pop it, because sometimes it looks cool, sometimes it's too much, but it adds something especially with outerwear.

"My one fashion don't is don't play by the rules. I think that fashion is all about expressing yourself, being creative and honestly being an artist within yourself and do whatever you want and I don't think that that means there are any rules."

Meanwhile Olivia - who first announced she would be the face of the brand in August this year - has admitted she is "so excited" to be representing the label, because she is following in the footsteps of models she has always admired.

She explained: "I am so excited to be the new face of Rampage, I know that there are so many girls who have done this before who I really look up to, like Irina Shayk, Gisele [Bündchen], Bar [Refaeli], so it's really nice to be in that company of girls."

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