Pamela Anderson “never wanted to wear a dress” growing up.

Pamela Anderson ‘never wanted to wear a dress’ growing up

Pamela Anderson ‘never wanted to wear a dress’ growing up

The former ‘Baywatch’ pin-up, 56, has recently become a hero for women who hate wearing make-up after turning up at Paris Fashion Week with a bare face, and has now revealed she has always felt like a “tomboy”.

She told Highsnobiety about her new look: “My face gets more interesting with age… I’m a tomboy!

“I was actually always a tomboy growing up.

“I never wanted to wear a dress. I was athletic. I made mud pies.”

Pamela, who has also discussed her tomboy nature in her memoir ‘Love, Pamela’ and last year’s Netflix documentary ‘Pamela, A Love Story’, added her choice to drop make-up is part of a “healing experience” in her life, which has seen her married five times.

Despite her turbulent love life, which saw Pamela left scarred by the leaking of a sex tape she made with her ex-partner Tommy Lee, 61, she went on: “Love is the most important thing in the world. So if you’re in love, you’re brave, and it’s an important thing to cherish.

“Being lonely is good. If you can be alone, then you can be with another person, probably.

“I know nothing when it comes to relationships.

“You fall in love with people there to expose a part of yourself that you need to get through. Relationships are mirrors.

“You can love somebody, but you can’t change them. And sometimes the most loving thing to do is get out of the way!”