Pamela Anderson finds it "funny" that so many people have been inspired by her 90s style.

Pamela Anderson has been amazed by her recent surge in popularity

Pamela Anderson has been amazed by her recent surge in popularity

The 56-year-old actress has developed a legion of younger fans through her hit Netflix documentary, 'Pamela, A love Story', and the blonde beauty has been amazed by the recent revival of her 90s-era style.

Pamela - who is best known for playing 'C.J.' Parker on 'Baywatch' - told PORTER: "It’s kinda funny for me to see people enjoy those looks that weren’t created by a stylist, they were just created by me.

"It’s fun that you touch a nerve, or you make people feel something with just being authentic and true to yourself. I was always having a good time."

Pamela has actually adopted a makeup-free look in recent times, and the actress has confessed that she wants to "challenge beauty".

The Hollywood star explained that she wants to "flip the script" on the beauty industry.

Pamela told CR Fashion Book: "When I was at Paris Fashion Week, people asked me about that a lot. And I think, well, I was doing it for me.

"Can I walk out the door like this? Like, I’m fine the way I am. And I just didn’t want to get into the whole glam thing and play the game. I just want to flip the script; I want to challenge beauty."

Pamela explained that she's actually adopted her makeup-free look "for the girls".

She added: "I just think, the social media world and the fantasy, especially in fashion and film, those places are escapism, but this everyday stuff … I felt like It’s okay to just be. And more interesting."

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