Paris Hilton is convinced her latest product launch is "the future of tanning".

Paris Hilton is launching her own self-taner

Paris Hilton is launching her own self-taner

The 43-year-old hotel heiress has collaborated with beauty brand Tan-Luxe to create her own product - a self-tanner for the body - and Paris is adamant it's different to every other tanning product on the market because it's more like "skin care that makes you tan."

When explaining why she wanted to launch her own tanning product, she told WWD: "So many trends I started were done in an organic, real way. They were just things I loved," she said in an interview with WWD. "My mom always taught me to stay out of the sun, and that's why I discovered spray tans. Now, we have a product that has such a beautiful colour, really works and is like putting on skin care that makes you tan ...

"I'm an expert on getting tanned, but Tan-Luxe are the experts in tanning products. We put our creative minds together to come up with what we think is the future of tanning."

She added: "It's very different from any other product lines out there for tanning."

Paris' self-tanner is called The Future and it features Tan-Luxe's new Triple Tan Plus technology which they boast can last at least 10 days from just one application. The Future contains glycerin and erythrulose as well as a peptide complex and a blend of humectants

Paris developed the product's scene herself - calling it Pink Sands with notes of cassis, violet and white leather.

The Future comes in a pink canister with a pink tanning mitt as a nod to the socialite's signature colour and it retails for $49.

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