Penelope Cruz loves to cut people's hair.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

The 46-year-old actress grew up in her mother's salon, where she learned how to cut and style hair and has continued to practise the trade on people since her teens.

Asked who gave her the best beauty advice, she said: "It's from my mom. I learned so many things from her by observing at the salon for all those years and practicing on whoever put their trust in me. I love cutting people’s hair!"

She also admitted to once cutting Selma Hayek's hair in the dark before a premiere as the power went out in the building.

Penelope recalled: "I did Salma's hair and make-up right before a premiere and the house lost power. So, I had to do it by candlelight! It was a tough challenge."

Penelope has remembered the beauty tips she received from her mother and has tried to incorporate them into her beauty routine to keep her hair healthy.

She explained: "[I care for my hair] Almost all by myself! I grew up at my mother’s hair salon so I know a few tricks for keeping it healthy. I know how to cut people’s hair, colour it and how to do a blow-dry."

However, she once asked her mum to give her a perm when she was teenager and has since regretted the hairstyle.

Recalling her craziest beauty moment, she explained: "Probably the perm I asked my mom to do on my hair when I was 13, inspired, like many other women, by Julia Roberts."

Now, the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star likes to wear her hair "natural" or attempts to make it look messy by adding extra volume to her roots.

Asked how she styles her hair, she told ELLE: "Natural. If I’m having a bad hair day, I make it even messier by adding some dry shampoo for volume."