Thalía thinks that her fashion in the noughties was an 'expression' of how she saw the world at the time.

Thalía on her career looks

Thalía on her career looks

The 50-year-old singer - who is often referred to as the Queen of Latin Pop - explained that "all of her looks" are her favourite because they reflected how she saw things at the time.

She said: "of them because they are an expression and an extension of how I saw the world back in that moment. I have to say the white coat of all the teddy bears is one of my favourites. I performed one time with a skirt and bustier that was made out of CDs.

The 'Piel morena' hitmaker then went on to single out her "flower power era" as a particular favourite, before claiming that the style of the 2000s is "back right now."

She told Allure: "All my flower power era. The 2000s are back right now. I love to be out there and to take risks when I create my outfits. To pack that bra and that skirt that was emulating like a mariachi hat, I had to have a whole suitcase just for that look when I was traveling to Europe back then with that "Amor a La Mexicana" song. I was always nervous that it was going to get stuck in customs because it was a big suitcase. It's been great to be fortunate enough to bring my music, my voice, and my presence as a Mexican into different spaces."

When it comes to skincare, the star shared her daily routine, noting her favourite products that she uses "every morning."

She said: "I use a lot of Dr. Dennis Gross' products that I wash my face with in the morning. He has an all-in-one cleanser with toner that I like. After that I use a little SeaCreme and I use my sunblock. Usually, I use my SkinCeuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense. Sometimes I use a brand that I love called Biologique Recherche."