Precious Lee believes lipstick can "elevate" her energy.

Precious Lee

Precious Lee

The 31-year-old model uses the beauty product to help make a bold statement so she can accomplish any challenging tasks as it has bought her inspiration to "seize the day".

Asked why lipstick is so powerful, she said: "Well, I've always used lipstick. If I ever needed an extra boost, or if I had a big day, lipstick has always been something that I've used to express myself and elevate my energy.

"[Lipstick] can be a reminder and inspiration for you to just go full out, seize the day, and [turn] up for whatever it is that you're trying to do. You can reach for a bold lipstick and get excited about whatever challenging task."

Precious - who is the face of Make Up For Ever's latest Rouge Artist collection - first became obsessed with lipstick from watching her mother get ready by using the product for both her lips and cheeks.

Speaking to Allure, she explained: "If she really liked the color, she would use it as her lipstick and her blush, which is such an old school pro move.

"She always had lipstick on. She can go out in public and wear [no other makeup] on her face and wear sunglasses - but she would have lipstick on. And I don't know if it's a Southern belle thing, but it's just something that I always grew up with. Lipstick was always multi-usage for my mom. She was totally an artist with her lipstick."

However, it is not just her mother that the beauty has taken inspiration from as she would love to know what products Beyoncé uses.

Asked whose make-up bag would she love to have a peak in, she replied: "I really am going to have to say Beyoncé, my fellow Virgo. She does the supple, effortless, magically contoured, beautiful, natural inside-out beauty flow that I want to know exactly what she uses. What is this eye cream? What is it that you got going on? I feel like she has tricks and treats and stuff that, as a Virgo, I could really appreciate.

"And she, also, is a southern girl. Her mother had a hair salon - I grew up in the hair salon. Beyoncé being a southern woman, I feel like it's also super-cool to know how she [gets so] glowy, natural, and dewy."

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