Shirley Ballas regrets her previous style choices.

Shirley Ballas' style regrets

Shirley Ballas' style regrets

The 62-year-old former professional dancer and current 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge admits she made a lot of fashion and beauty mistakes in the past and she would change them if she could.

Speaking to HELLO!, she said: "When I was competing in ballroom in the ’80s one of the things I regret most was having those big bouffant hair dos. You used to pull it up and backcomb it with the tail comb, all the way until it held, and then when you used to take it out all your hair was in the brush. We also had those tight slicked-back buns with lots of gel. I won two Blackpools with my hair in a short black bob with a fringe!"

Shirley also admitted she is surprised she did not ruin her hair, because she used to superglue rhinestones directly on to her head.

She said: "One of the worst things we did when competing was to get Bostick superglue and stick rhinestones down the centre of the head, directly onto our hair. Earrings were glued onto our ears, I can still feel them now! If you didn’t have a tube of Bostick you weren’t in the running for the title! After the competition you’d just pull it all out, and your hair would be stuck up like a hedgehog! I’m surprised I’ve got any hair left, it’s really been through the mill."

However, these days, Shirley takes much better care of herself.

She said: "The first thing I do when I come home after the show is take out my hair extensions – you’d be surprised at how many there are! I also take half an hour on my own in the bathroom to remove my makeup and apply a sheet mask, and repair my skin after wearing heavy makeup for TV. I enjoy the occasional salon facial too."