Sofia Richie Grainge’s fashion collection has been delayed.

Sofia Richie Grainge’s fashion collection has been delayed

Sofia Richie Grainge’s fashion collection has been delayed

The 25-year-old model – who is the daughter of music legend Lionel Richie – first announced she was working on her own fashion brand, SRG, earlier this year, with a planned Spring 2024 release. However, the influencer has announced she will be pushing its launch back until later in the year. During an interview with L’Officiel, Sofia explained: “I am a Virgo. I’m an absolute perfectionist, so I’m not releasing anything until I feel it’s perfect.”

The social media star also revealed that her “clothing obsession” stemmed from her ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ hitmaker father’s love of fashion.

She explained: “My dad is truly the person who brought the clothing obsession into my life. He takes dressing very seriously, and he’s very thoughtful about everything he wears.”

Although she has a passion for fashion, Sofia does not see herself as a “style icon”, nor does she think anyone else does.

She said: “When I wear jeans and a T-shirt, I’m like, ‘I’m not anyone’s style icon right now; I’m just going to the grocery store.

I think when people think of me they just think of clothing, but I’m a big family person. I love my dogs, I love my friends, and I just want everyone to be happy. When I think of myself, that’s what I think of—but I’m flattered that everyone thinks of good clothes!”

Sofia – who is known for her ‘clean girl’ aesthetic when it comes to beauty – became a fashion and beauty influencer unintentionally, and it surprises her that she has been received so positively online.

She said: “I’ve never expected to get any positive feedback from social media; my happiness doesn’t depend on social media feedback, and I feel like I protected my mental health in that way throughout the years of being in the spotlight.

“It was shocking for me to see such positive feedback, and it really put a smile on my face. It made me feel like, ‘Wow, there are kind people out there.’”

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