Sofia Richie says her style is always “adapting and evolving”.

Sofia Richie loves switching up her style

Sofia Richie loves switching up her style

The Chanel model - and daughter of music legend Lionel Richie sister of Nicole Richie and - admitted to often opting for “subtle and chic pieces” after being asked about her style icons.

The 23-year-old fashionista told Marie Claire: “My style is constantly adapting and evolving. At my core though, I always go for subtle and chic pieces, even simply pairing a white shirt with some great cut jeans can be a standout look.

“I like people who are creative with how they dress, who follow their mood or their emotions. I don’t have person who comes to mind, but you can always tell when someone gets it.

Sofia gushed about “British style” and how she loves spending time in the UK’s capital to get “style inspiration” to mix with her Los Angeles aesthetic.

She said: “I love British style though. London is one of my favourite places to hang out and go shopping and I always get so much style inspiration there. I would say that LA is all about ease and comfort whereas London style is more put together. I think my style is a mix between the two, depending on my mood.”

The Tommy Hilfiger model - who recently announced her engagement to Elliot Grainge - admitted jeans are “essential”.

Sofia said: “A great pair of jeans is essential to any wardrobe.”

Speaking about her recent collection for the high street brand River Island, she labelled it a “British icon” and “timeless”.

Sofia said: “To me River Island is about timeless high-street fashion. I love the brand’s versatility-classic pieces, current trends and the kind of quality that I look for from my favourite brands. I love simplicity and elegance and River Island always has pieces that can become wardrobe staples. I also love that the brand has been around for so long - it’s a British icon.”