Sofia Vergara's son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara has made his modelling debut.

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara (c) Instagram

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara (c) Instagram

The 24-year-old child of the 'Modern Family' actress has starred in his first ever campaign and features in a photo spread for Paper magazine's latest issue, which was photographed by Spanish diorector Pedro Almodóvar.

And the dark-haired hunk - who is the 44-year-old actresses only child with her first husband Joe Gonzalez - has admitted he is very grateful to appear in the publication, although he hopes model Stevie DeFelice, who he poses alongside, wasn't "too traumatised" working with him.

Manolo posted a picture of him and Stevie from the shoot, which saw him sport a black tailored suit, with a white shirt and tie sitting on the floor sitting on the floor surrounded by smashed glass whilst clasping at a beverage.

And he captioned the post, which was shared on his Instagram account: "Thank you to @papermagazine and @jimmymarble for including me in this months Pedro Almodovar spread! And for allowing me to sit next to Stevie DeFelice. I hope she wasn't too traumatized. #PaperMagazine#Outspoken #IShoweredAndEverything#WhomeverBrokeTheMirrorGetsSevenYearsOfBadHair #ThankfulItWasntMe (sic)."

And the golden-haired beauty has also shared images from the commercial as well as a link to Paper's interview with Pedro on her social media account.

She wrote: " @papermagazine@manologonzalezvergara (sic)."

However, Manolo appeared in the hair care brand Head & Shoulders' commercial alongside his mother in 2014.

And the star has complemented his mother on being the "best" parent in the world, although she can be slightly "overprotective".

Speaking previously, he said: "Is my mother a good mother? Yes, she's the best. She's Latin, of course, which means she's very loud, very overprotective ... She's a loud Latin mother who calls my name repeatedly!"

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