Tallulah Willis feels "safer" after shaving her head.

Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis

The 21-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis has revealed she is "more secure" since she swapped her shoulder-length locks for a buzz cut.

She said: "It feels normal now because I've had it for so long, but it's fun.

"You just have to be exactly who you are and it's uncomfortable sometimes but it really pushes you to be, in my opinion, more secure and safer in myself.

"You don't have to worry about doing your hair. It's just what it is. You can't hide."

The actress first showed off a shorter do back in November before being helped by her mother, 52, to shave off the rest of her tresses last month.

Tallulah believes the gradual transition has helped her to feel completely comfortable with her decision.

She said: "I knew that at that time in my life, I could do it. I could feel comfortable and I knew three years before, two years before, six months before I would have cried if somebody shaved my head. The fact that I could do it and look in the mirror and be excited by it, that was a really fun aspect to me."

The pretty star added that her famous parents - who divorced in 2000 - were fully behind the decision to drastically alter her image and admitted she's enjoying having a blank canvas on which she can try out new looks.

Tallulah explained to E! News: "They support what makes me happy. And it makes me happy.

"It kind of makes a more blank canvas. It's been a fun kind of venture into new looks and stuff."