Morgan Riddle is "supportive" of Botox.

Morgan Riddle is a fan of Botox

Morgan Riddle is a fan of Botox

The 26-year-old influencer explained that because she tends to "break out" a lot on her forehead, she turns to the age-defying procedure to slow down the production of sebum and is all for anything that boosts self-esteem.

She told Popsugar: "I tend to breakout a lot on my forehead, but it also slows down the sebum production. I haven't gotten filler in a long time, but I loved it. "I'm supportive of doing any of that stuff that makes you feel better, and it definitely made me look better."

The Instagram star - who became known for known for posting about life on tour as the girlfriend of tennis player Taylor Fritz - is also keen to promote the health of her hair and admitted that while she doesn't wash it very often, she does have a series of tools that help her achieve the look and feel she wants to with her locks.I have the Airwrap, the Airstrait, and the Coralle; I have everything. I'm a big fan and that's helped with my hair health a lot, too.

She said: "I bleach my hair heavily, so it dries out so much that I actually don't have to wash it as much and it doesn't get greasy as easily.

"I'm a fidgeter and I'll play with my hair. It can come off distracting and maybe insecure, so I usually wear my hair up so I'm not messing with it."

But one of her "weird things" when it comes to her hair is refusing to let it touch the seat of the aeroplane when she is travelling.

She said: "It's one of my weird things — I have to wear a sweatshirt with a hood and I never let my hair touch the airplane seat. "Then I don't feel as gross from it touching what's obviously touched a lot of strangers' heads."