Trinny Woodall has warned of the important of wearing sunscreen.

Trinny Woodall's skincare tips

Trinny Woodall's skincare tips

The 60-year-old founder and CEO of skincare brand Trinny London has shared her top tips for maintaining a youthful complexion and insisted that SP5 is the first step.

She told the June issue of Ireland's VIP magazine: "If you have pigmentation try Vitamin C. 90 per cent of visible skin ageing happens in daylight – even through clouds and windows. A SPF 50 is the only thing in all of this that is actually preventative skincare.

"Anyone with any skin sensitivities should not use Glycolic acid, it will just make your skin a bit red. People think red is good but it’s not necessarily a good thing."

She also warned that microneedling should only be done "at night and then use a peptide".

Trinny explained: "You’ve created channels and you don’t want to put really strong ingredients in. You want to put things in that will hydrate and repair and peptides are amazing.

"I love peptides, peptides feed amino acids which create collagen elasticity. Collagen creams are crap because the collagen molecule size will never get into your skin, it will just sit on the surface. Microneedling will stimulate collagen."

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