Scarlett Johansson works out four days a week for her mental wellbeing.

Scarlett Johansson says exercise is as important to her mental wellbeing as it is her physical health

Scarlett Johansson says exercise is as important to her mental wellbeing as it is her physical health

The 38-year-old actress has become a major star on the big screen thanks to her athletic figure and energetic roles, such as playing spy Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and cyber-human Mira in 'Ghost in the Shell'.

But Scarlett insists her commitment to exercise is as much to do with her mental health, as it is her physical health.

In an interview with Stylist, she said: "For me, wellness is a huge part of my mental wellbeing. I try and do some sort of exercise around four days a week if I can. I’ve been doing Pilates for the last eight years or so, and I’ve found it to be amazing.

"I used to mostly just lift weights, but at some point, my recovery wasn’t what it used to be, you now. I think it’s just getting older and having my body change – but Pilates really helped me feel better in all ways.

"I do classes with a couple of different instructors, and I’ve been incorporating some weightlifting a little bit more again. I think I’m better at it now because of Pilates."

Scarlett now has her own skincare line The Outset and her motivation for creating the range is her own battle with acne which has lasted years.

She said: "I struggled with acne forever. My brother actually just showed me photos of myself at a family thing when I was probably 19 or 20, and my skin quality is completely different.

"When I saw that photo it just, you know, it brought everything back. All those painful memories. I just struggled with my skin for such a long time.

Scarlett concluded that once she started using gentle skin products, she began to see significant changes quickly.

She added: "I started using gentle products consistently, I began moisturising, and within a week my skin was completely different.

"The result of my own skin quality, of my friends and our customers, it’s amazing. That’s what keeps us going here."