Zendaya has "no fears" with her wardrobe choices, according to stylist Law Roach.



The 20-year-old actress and model is not afraid to wear head-turning garments, hair styles and make-up to red carpet events, and her fashion guru believes Zendaya's fearlessness encourages the duo to "not follow the rules" and experiment with different trends and outfits.

Speaking to Billboard, Law - who has been working with the former Disney star for five years - said: "I think we both evolved together. She has no fears when it comes to fashion and it allows us just to try things - different hair and make-up looks - and do things that are definitely on trend and not follow the rules."

And Law believes the former 'Shake It Up' star is her "style soul mate", because Zendaya will instantly pick out his "favourite" item hidden in a selection of garments for the fashion icon.

He said: "I call her my style soul mate and our relationship is perfection. I can literally bring a rack of 20 things and I'll have my favourite nestled in the middle somewhere and she'll come right back to it and say 'I love this one'.

"Nine times out of 10 that always happens. And now everything we do is just second nature to us. The way we think, the ideas we both have, it's almost kind of scary in a great way."

However, the brunette beauty has no qualms about showing off her natural beauty on social media, as she regularly posts pictures of her without any cosmetic products on whilst wearing her leisurewear, and Law has revealed Zendaya is at her happiest when she adorns her everyday ensemble.

He said: "She's such a tomboy and is just so happy in sweats and sneakers.

"I'm the one pushing for her to wear sunglasses with a nice bag in the airport in case she gets papped.

"And she'll say 'nobody cares about that'. That part of her is the core of who she is, although for the red carpet she loves to be that other girl that's super glamorous who people love.

"When you step into something and you don't have any concern about what people are going to say the next day then you're so free and able to fly as high as you can.

"And I think that's what excites us both about when we put on clothes and she steps on that carpet."

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