Do you really need another pair of shoes?

Do you really need another pair of shoes?

There’s nothing quite like an impulse buy, you get a rush when you buy it but then you’ll find it just sits there in the bag waiting to be worn or used.

New research shows that Brits collectively waste £5 billion per year on items that they buy and never use.

Clothing is, quite unsurprisingly, the worst offending item.

The poll, conducted by , found that two thirds of Britons confess to regularly spending frivolously on products that they don't need, with the average annual spend working out at £212 per person - or over £5 billion as a nation.

66% of respondents admitted to buying clothing that they had never even worn.

The top ten most common clothing items that Brits have wasted money on are as follows:

  1. Platform flip-flops
  2. Crop tops
  3. Creepers
  4. Disco trousers
  5. Leather trousers
  6. Drop hem dress/skirt
  7. Printed leggings
  8. Dip-dye clothing
  9. Dungarees
  10. Tassel clothing

David Wain-Heapy, founder of, made the following comment:

“The majority of us have probably bought something and then realised later that it was a bit of a frivolous purchase. The most common item for this being clothes isn't surprising, as all sorts of factors influences the way we feel about our appearance, which makes second thoughts understandable.

"The phrase 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' is in common use for a reason. An impulse purchase might seem sensible, but on reflection you often realise it probably wasn't necessary. Our research demonstrates that most people have experienced this. It helps to highlight the fickle nature of humans and how our thought processes and patterns change over time."

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