Blake Lively even tried the white heel trend

Blake Lively even tried the white heel trend

This year we surprisingly seen a return of the white heel, across plenty of red carpets this shoe made an appearance. 

The white heel was the chic addition to the wardrobe this year, much to the surprise of many fashionistas, even Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman wrote a piece about her love for her new white Jimmy Choo pumps and her surprise about them making a return to her wardrobe.

We all associate the white heel with the 80s or even the tacky Essex girl, which is why it too people by surprise that they became such a must-have this year.

But it certainly all came down to the styling with these shoes, they're certainly something that can't be worn with every outfit. The white heel has to be an extension of the outfit, with some small hints of white at least in your look, so it can be carried on through to your shoes.

One of our favourite looks for the white heel was Jordin Sparks wearing them with her Clover Canyon dress at the 2013 BET Awards. And Miley Cyrus even managed to make the look work with her sexy and sophisticated Emilio Pucci look whilst out-and-about in New York City.

They were of course the perfect way to finish one of the biggest fashion trends this year too, monochrome fashion was high and the white heel was the ideal accessory - just like Gwyneth Paltrow's Michael Kors look.

Did you fall for the white heel this year? 

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