The Yves Saint Laurent film is coming to DVD July 14th

The Yves Saint Laurent film is coming to DVD July 14th

“Fashions fade, style is eternal!” These famous words belonging to legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent perfectly describe any fashionista’s ultimate professional aspiration – to create an undying look that would redefine elegance and inspire fellow fashion devotees for years to come.

The renowned Parisian did just that when he invented, among other things, the trapeze dress and glamorized safari jackets. His legacy has been an influence to designers all over the world for decades in a row. In fact, Saint Laurent’s visionary approach to design is at the centre of the Jalil Lespert-directed biographical film Yves Saint Laurent, coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on 14th July 2014.

In addition to telling the endearing story of the acclaimed designer from his early years as Christian Dior’s protégé to his golden days as the name of one of the most famous brands in the world, Yves Saint Laurent is also a celebration of some of the fashion maven’s legendary pieces. If you too are fascinated by Yves Saint Laurent’s fabulous creations, we are giving you the chance to explore the classic couture featured in the film and find out how you can glam it up without breaking the bank:


You know what they say – you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Especially if it accentuates your waist and upper torso curves in a sensually flattering manner. To look as chic as Charlotte Le Bon (portraying Yves Saint Laurent’s muse Victoire Doutreleau) while still on a budget, you don’t need to look further than your local shopping district because Topshop has got you covered with multiple options all under £50. You too can inspire those around you with your style. Don’t forget to finish the look by wrapping  a scard around your waist to get the desired sectioning effect and you will be good to go for a fancy night out.


Charlotte Le Bon certainly looks dashing in that bright red Yves Saint Laurent dress. To achieve her style (and her confidence), start looking around for some classic shoulder-baring wide-strapped pieces in vivid colours or sensual floral themes. This particular type of dress underlines a woman’s feminine features and, thanks to the straps, retains a hint of old-school class. Make sure to check out high street favourites Oasis and French Connection for a rich affordable variety of that exact everlasting look. You can finish the style by adding a vintage origami belt or a head piece with floral motifs.


Without a doubt, one of the most integral parts of a stylish outfit is the way it is accessorized. Coco Chanel famously urged women to remove one item before leaving the house but we think that Charlotte Le Bon got it just right as far as accessories are concerned. To get a similar look, check out these various pieces available from the retail shops around you but don’t overdo it. Remember – sometimes less is more!


Square neckline dresses paired with oval collar blazers are a classic fashion combination that will definitely have everyone turning their heads after you. Make sure to personalize the combo by adding one of your favourite brooches, preferably of lighter colour. In that way, you will bring your own personal touch to the outfit, exuding confidence and poise.


Ask any woman what her most revered accessory is and they will all point to their bag. The running forces behind Yves Saint Laurent have long recognized that and done their best to create stylish, comfortable and attractive bags that cater to a woman’s needs while making her feel even more beautiful and confident. If you want to get closer to that state of mind but don’t have the £2000+ to spend on a bag, as fabulous as it might be, check out these alternatives available from some of the UK’s leading retailers. Yes, we know that they are not quite the same, but then again Yves Saint Laurent is unique and quite hard to beat.

Yves Saint Laurent comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on 14th July 2014

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