Made from pure sugar syrup and water, Sugar Coated is the ethical alternative to waxing that will have you yelling "give me some sugar!"

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Fashion on Beauty on Female First

But what exactly is sugar waxing?

Here are 7 things you need to know about the future of hair removal

Inspired by an ancient method of hair removal dating back to 1900 BC, sugar waxing is tried and tested, and loved by generations. When Sugar Coated’s founder Rose Khandwala moved to the UK in 1987 she was amazed that sugar waxing didn’t exist, so she started making her own to develop the recipe that is now Sugar Coated.

Most sugar waxes have citric acid which is used to create a sticky consistency. However citric acid can cause irritation, which is why Sugar Coated is the only company in the world that makes a sugar-based hair removal from just sugar syrup and water making it gentler on skin, smoother to apply, and last longer.

Warming up the wax is the first step of sugaring. When the wax is liquid like a honey consistency, it is easy to use a wooden spatula to evenly spread the wax on your skin. During the warming procedure, temperature control is important. You can use a microwave to heat your sugar wax, however, be sure to only heat for 20 seconds and stir well before use so that you ensure the wax is the proper temperature throughout. Also, don’t apply the wax when it is too hot, or it will hurt your skin!

Sugar waxing works best on dry skin. Lightly sprinkle talcum powder on the area to absorb and remove any excess moisture.

Sugar waxing usually lasts 4-6 weeks and can eventually damage the hair follicle enough to stop the hair from growing.

There’s no hiding it, sugar waxing can be a messy process. However, with it being made from just sugar syrup and water it is completely water soluble! So, keep a glass of water nearby for any wax bits that drop where they shouldn’t.

Sugar Coated provides you with reusable wax strips, which are so easy to wash! Simply fill up your sink with warm water, rub the strips, and the wax easily comes off so you can reuse the strips over and over.