By Founder and Designer of LuvLee - Robyn Lee

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold textures and prints in winter

The tip is to wear faux leather leggings/skirt with an oversized bright patterned knitted jumper by tucking a portion of the jumper into the leggings/skirt to accentuate the waistline. This aesthetic allows the ‘baggy’ jumper to be styled into a body-flattering stylish look that elongates the waist.

Don’t be too concerned with the size label

Always look at length, hip and waist ratios to ensure it fits correctly to your frame as opposed to ‘generic’ sizing. AtLuvLee we’ll be aiming to introduce half sizing of 5, 7 and 9 to solve petite fit issues.

You don’t always need to wear a heel.

For a casual and ’proportioned’ look, high waisted cargo pants/paper bag trousers are an amazing way to elongate the body paired with a chunky pair of trainers. The trick with trainers is to wear them with a hidden wedge insole which you can source from most high street shops.

Forget the ‘typical’ petite rules

Gone are the days where you can’t wear a good ankle boot because it cuts the leg in half or have to wear layers to give the illusion of taller silhouettes. 

The key to finding clothes that fit you well, baggy trousers can be an issue if you don’t take the time to find a pair that fits correctly. Measuring leg lengths and making sure proportions are right are vital to perfect fit. Investing into staple wardrobe pieces will help to ensure you always have a base item that fits correctly and cuts down on the amount of clothes you need.

With fashion’s versatility, petite frames shouldn’t shy away from the ‘no go’ rules that have dominated previously. By carefully selecting items that fit can bring an outfit to life with correct proportions. For example, wearing ankle boots instead of knee-high boots will help to elongate the leg, teamed with a crop top to lengthen the torso and high waisted jeans to bring the focus into the core and away from the height.

High waisted bottoms are everything! 

You’ll add inches onto your torso and legs if you choose high waisted jeans/trousers. By choosing a ‘mom’ style jean or a clean paper-bag cut trouser, it will instantly lift your frame and elongate the legs, even the most pint sized frame! 

Invest in great ‘petite’ hangers

Don’t overlook the ‘hanging up’ issues that petite clothes have. When clothes are smaller, they automatically stretch over regular or larger hangers. You might find you notice a certain stretch in the shoulder or clothes not looking ‘right’. Smaller or junior hangers are perfect for a smaller garment, without displacing the material too much. Sometimes it’s not about the clothes themselves but how you take care of them and hang them in the wardrobe!

Mix and match the right kinds of accessories

If you’re wearing a fitted trouser or legging, then mix with a chunky wristwatch. Be aware of over cluttering when it comes to jewellery and accessories. Too much will add bulk and draw attention down on the body, whereas smaller, key pieces create a longer and cleaner silhouette when it comes to putting petite outfits together.

Knee highs are great for under skirts!

Add a couple inches by popping a pair of knee highs under a longer skirt. By wearing the knee-high boots, it adds height to any look and avoids cutting the leg in half by covering the flash of flesh at the ankle. Look at Kim Kardashian for those knee-high tips, you’ll always see the boots sit slightly under a skirt.

Most of all... wear it with confidence

You can listen to all the fashion and styling tips, but nothing looks better than wearing an outfit with a smile and confidence! If you love it, go for it and wear it with confidence. Who cares if you've worn it a million times, if it’s a brand-new piece, or something from the wardrobe that you mix and match with everything - confidence is everything!

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Luvlee, founded by 4’11” Robyn Lee, was launched to combat the issue of poorly fitted clothing for shorter women. Robyn knew from an early age that being short was tricky when it comes to buying perfect fitting garments, and spent most of her teenage years trying to frantically alter clothing to fit her small, petite frame. 

With being petite comes the struggle of fit, leg lengths need to be shorter and is not easily sourced. Luvlee aims to create clothing to suit women and girls with skirts that fit perfectly and trousers that fit correctly without having to roll up the bottoms. 

Luvlee hopes to evolve and expand the sizing down to size 2, for those petite girls and women who struggle to find clothing small enough, and up to a size 18 for ladies who cannot find petite clothes to fit their curvy frame. To get the perfect fit, the Luvlee sizing charts will expand to half sizing of 5, 7 and 9.


Welsh designer and founder of LuvleeRobyn Lee born in Swansea, Wales. She has had an impressive career in media, arts and the creative industries since the age of 14, from working as a dancer on a national stage tour, styling for fashion magazines to working in radio for many years.

Robyn’s colleagues in the fashion and entertainment industry were always a lot taller than her, when it came to fittings, she could not fit into the same garments as them. Being 4’11” had been a struggle for Robyn, when it came to sourcing adult clothing that fit well. After years of searching for the right fitted clothes, the Welsh designer started Luvlee, a brand set to conquer the clothing issues that petite women face. “I knew there was a calling for a real brand that knew all about those issues.” And so, in early 2019, the Luvlee brand was born.