Hair care is different everywhere, but New York City has this way of attracting the best the world offers. Sometimes, it takes a little while to go mainstream. This is happening in the world of hair extensions right now. A new salon in New York City has brought in hair extension techniques from Slavic countries, and the results are leaving local stylists stunned. It's beginning to change as influencers and surrounding salons take notice, and an increasing number of women in New York City have never had better extensions in their lives.

Lux Hair NYC

Lux Hair NYC

Lux Hair NYC: Bringing Europe's Best Techniques to New York City

Olga is originally from Russia. When she first arrived in New York City and started looking for a salon to work in, she remembers being surprised at the state of hair extensions she saw around her. Local stylists and fashionable women proudly wore extensions that, to Olga's expert eyes, could improve. She brought this perspective to the salons she approached, arguing for raised standards and explaining what extensions could be if the hair was correctly sourced and cared for.

She was surprised when the salons wouldn't listen to her at first, turning away her new techniques. Olga, however, had all the confidence she needed to open her salon. She converted a room in her Brooklyn home into a salon, and Lux Hair NYC opened in 2018.

Olga became active on social media, posting about what she could do and talking directly to the kinds of women who valued their hair most—models, influencers, and the fashionable women of New York City. Here, she found her first customers. The salons that had turned her away started to pay attention when Olga's customers walked out of Lux Hair NYC with the best extensions in the city.

Olga's Technique: How Lux Hair NYC Gets its Results

As a salon, Lux Hair NYC maintains a specialized focus, working exclusively on extensions. Now that she has the kind of reputation it takes to bring other stylists knocking on her door, Olga also sells the high-quality hair she uses for extensions to her fellow stylists. The incredible quality of the hair comes from its source—Olga orders only the highest-quality hair from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. She doesn't use low-quality hair that's been too heavily treated with extensions.

With its social media success, Lux Hair NYC has attracted high-end clients, pulling in glamorous clients who are used to sitting in salons alongside celebrities. Olga has never needed to leverage shady marketing techniques to accomplish this; the results of her work speak for themselves. The distinguished quality of the extensions and hair she provides and the methods she uses to achieve this—her tap-ins, wefts, and expertly applied keratin tips—grab more attention than any social media checkmark could.

Lux Hair NYC is committed to staying accessible, however, with competitive pricing and monthly giveaways. Olga also goes out of her way to provide new hair to those who have experienced hair loss due to cancer, motivated by the memory of doing the same for her mother.

What Top-Tier European Hair Extensions Can Do For You

One of Olga's specialties is making the extensions look so natural that you'll forget where your hair ends and the extensions begin; it will be your hair, after all. Olga's skill makes her clients look customizable. She's an expert at various styles, lengths, and volumes. Olga knows how to do anything with hair extensions.

Another shocking benefit of Olga's work? The hair is reusable for up to two years. Her clients come back over and over during that time, getting the hair maintained and restyled. This was unheard of before Olga arrived in New York City, but it's a fast-spreading game-changer.

You can have hair like this, too. Now you know where to find it: at Lux Hair NYC, where Olga can show you what she's capable of. If you want the best hair you've ever had, find out more about Lux Hair NYC and see Olga's results on her Instagram. You owe it to yourself to take a look.