It’s cool … yet warm!

Glamping is as popular as ever, and in many cases includes the conveniences of home, including heating, lighting, en-suite facilities, mirrors (yay), secure door, kettle, fridge … you get the picture! Comfy beds are a must, and all this can be just a few feet away from the great outdoors.



Green credentials

So, we’re all wanting to reduce our carbon footprint, use less plastic, care for our environment. As a rule, glamping is reasonably 'green' and as the accommodation is often made from timber, fabric or both, there is less impact on the environment than say a brick-built building. And many glamping sites are in spectacular, natural environments, so you can keep in touch with nature. 

Unplug or rev up?

From being completely isolated to glamping close to an activity centre, there is so much choice. So if you want to unplug the mind (and your phone) then there’ll be a site that’s perfect for you. Likewise if you can’t sit still, there will be a site will meet your needs.

Stay awhile

Unless you have a tent that is the size of a house, then glamping encourages you to stay a little bit longer, even if the weather isn’t great. No worries about leaking ground-sheets, damp sleeping bag. And as you’re warm and dry, you can keep looking glam too!

There’s so much choice

Geodomes, hobbit houses, Wigwam® Cabins … it’s a veritable encyclopaedia of different types of glamping, some quirky, some more solid but all great fun. And the list keeps growing …

A room with a view

Most glamping sites are in spectacular locations. Scottish Islands, sun kissed Cornish beaches, at the foot of a mountain … the list is endless. Glamping is a world-wide phenomenon so whether it’s the scorching desert or an ice cave, there’s something for every type of traveller.

Everyone is doing it

From royalty to pop stars, glamping is IN! 

While it’s true to say these particular glampers will probably have the best glamping locations in the world, that doesn’t mean that we can’t all get a piece of the action. Many glamping sites offer additional touches, such as a bottle of bubbly, fresh bed linen, artisan chocolate, warming campfires … the list goes on. Why not got for a touch of luxurious? And it’s more affordable than you might think.

Experience is everything

… and glamping is great for this. While sometimes you just want to relax and unwind, there are glamping sites that offer various experiences, including vineyard tours, rock climbing, and even diving instruction

Variety is the spice of life

So, as well as being affordable and good for the resting the mind, you can quite easily travel solo, with your partner or with the whole family.  And there’s always an excuse to get away for a glamping getaway.  Not forgetting that outdoor hot tubs are seriously popular …

 You don’t have to travel far

With glamping sites popping up in all manner of locations, you don’t have to fill up the petrol tank in order to go glamping.  Small glamping sites can often be found close to home, so you don’t have to spend hours in traffic to get to your wind-down zone.

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