Rightly or wrongly, many of us might have quite a lot of pasta in the cupboards right now – and our default setting is often to make a trusty spag bol or some other tomato-based sauce to go with it.

6 celeb-inspired pasta recipes that don’t rely on tomato sauce

6 celeb-inspired pasta recipes that don’t rely on tomato sauce

But there's plenty of other ways to jazz up that penne, if you fancy trying something a bit different.

Here's some pasta recipe ideas from top chefs – without a tin of tomatoes in sight!

1. Jamie Oliver's Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

From his new show Keep Cooking And Carry On, this dish can use any kind of pasta, and you can swap in veggies. No cauliflower? Oliver says throw in some broccoli instead. Any hard cheese will do to top it, too. Find the full recipe here.

2. Jack Monroe's cheesy brie pasta

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I've spent the last forty eight hours being absolutely miserable. Work being cancelled, postponed, several months salary up in smoke in a matter of days. It's a terrible time to be a freelancer, especially a public speaker, and I've basically spent the last two days in an anxious mess eating all the biscuits and crisps and Skittles I'd stockpiled🙄 I emerged from my misery party briefly to throw dinner in the microwave for Mrs J (a makhani dal I'd made a couple of days ago) and she gently suggested I make myself some cheesy pasta. Those three little words 'some cheesy pasta' are literally the best thing anyone can whisper to me. I protested briefly, then popped the kettle on to boil. Didn't have any milk in, so whizzed some unopened Brie my mum gave me from Christmas (!!) with a stock cube and water in the blender. Cooked up some rainbow linguine I brought back from Italy a couple of years ago. Added cabbage and mushrooms from the freezer and some other bits and pieces. Plenty of black pepper on top. 😊 I feel better now. In a cheesy carb coma and tomorrow is a new day. ♥️ If you are reading this and wondering how you can help – I know I'm not going to be the worst hit by #covid19 but as a freelancer who barely scrapes a living wage most months, losing a lot of my main income stream, I'm a bit scared right now – I do have a patreon at patreon.com/onabootstrap, you can grab my books on jackmonroe.bigcartel.com and I have a tip jar at PayPal.me/jackmonroe 🌿 It's excruciating to even type those words but fuck it, I've given my work away for free for seven years to help people out and now it's my turn to ask for help. I'll keep writing recipes and articles and sarky backchat and helpful stuff, but I need a bit of a fistbump right now. I'm working on a campaign to help other people in need, a massive one that I'm hoping to kick off this weekend, but I can't pour from an empty cup. 🐦 Thanks for reading. Please support creators and freelancers right now. ♥️

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Another cheesy one, this has brie in it – great if you've got some languishing in the fridge as Monroe had.

Monroe, AKA Bootstrap Cook, is sharing lots of recipe ideas for leftovers on Twitter, so you could always ask her for more pasta ideas based on what you have in the larder right now. Lettuce in your pasta, anyone?

3. John Partridge's Turkey Tagliatelle

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Turkey Tagliatelle.. #meatballs #ragu #TheresNoTasteLikeHome

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Meatballs are the star of the show in this hearty dish from Celebrity MasterChef winner Partridge, whose new book No Taste Like Home is out now.

4. Nadiya Hussain's 'no cook avocado pasta sauce'

A vegan winner from national treasure Hussain. Head to her Instagram for the full recipe – but rest assured this one is very simple. Hoorah!

5. Nigella Lawson's courgette pasta

Lawson says you could swap the courgettes for spinach and kale with this recipe, if you fancy. The full recipe is on her website, nigella.com.

6. Gennaro Contaldo's artichoke and pancetta pasta

Don't have any pancetta? We're sure Contaldo wouldn't mind if you used 'regular' bacon or some chopped up sausages instead. This'll still make a delicious supper.

Help! I haven't got pasta!

And if you don't have pasta but we've made your mouth water, take some inspo from John Quilter, AKA Food Busker, who has videos on how to make your own on his You Tube channel.