Everyone is paying extra attention to their pockets at the moment, so what if we told you there was an app that helps you earn cash and save money with every step? Introducing WeWard -a revolutionary fitness app that links with your phone’s pedometer to reward you for your daily steps, both motivating its users to stay active and helping them earn key money saving rewards – a win-win!

App screens

App screens

The app calculates your daily steps taken and converts these into rewards called “Wards” when your steps hit key thresholds, such as 1,500 steps. The number of Wards earnt increases as you reach each of these thresholds, with Wards earnt each day going into your overall Wards pot.

There are many ways to use these Wards, including:

  • Withdrawing as cash – your Wards can be converted into cash and transferred into your bank, just check your balance to see how much you’ve earned in money terms so far
  • Donating to charity – The first thing to fall by the wayside in economic hardship is charity donations, so using your Wards allows you to donate to valuable causes and funds with just your steps, avoiding the need to delve into your own pocket when you aren’t able to
  • Converting to vouchers – WeWard has some great partners offering vouchers and discounts in return for your wards, including massive discounts of HelloFresh food deliveries and fashion friendly deals at Farfetch, Adidas and H&M.

Whilst the rewards available are excellent and provide more motivation than you need to get walking, the app also elicits a whole heap of other benefits including:

  • Health :Encouraging you to rack up your 10,000 steps (and then some) a day, keeping you fit and healthy
  • Planet: Inspiring you to walk more which, in turn, will help you reduce your use of the car and help reduce emissions
  • Exploration & discovery: Walking more will allow you to discover (or rediscover) areas you usually miss when you take the usual transport methods
  • Community: Connect with friends via challenges in the app, creating healthy habits together

The popularity of WeWard as a tool to motivate walkers has already been proven, with users walking 24% more with WeWard and over 20 million users already engaged with the app.

If you want to help both your health and your wallet this spring, why not try WeWard out and download the app today and start turning your steps into cash.