As the Easter sugar rush dies off and the bank holiday feels like a distant memory, many of us will have lost that get-up-and-go gym motivation we had at the start of the year.

It can be a little bit overwhelming finding the time to choose

It can be a little bit overwhelming finding the time to choose

Whether you enjoy pumping iron in the gym, a run around the local park or a yoga DVD in the comfort of your own home, – there’s an app for it. It can be a little bit overwhelming finding the time to choose which one to download and which one to trust. To help we’ve rounded up the best fitness apps on the market to save you time allowing you to focus on the job in hand – getting fit and toning up.

Personal Fitness on Demand

People often say that they get much more from a personal training session than by doing a group class. So, if you prefer to work out with a trainer but want a bit more flexibility then downloading TruBe might be useful. This nifty app is like Uber but for personal trainers allowing you to book one to one sessions (or for you and two friends) with as little as two hours’ notice at a location which suits you. Once you book your session the calibre of trainers will be first rate as TruBe has access to the likes of Audi Kinga who is a British, European and World Kickboxing and boxing champion, so you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your session.

Work out at home

If you have a wedding, holiday or photo focussed event lined up in two months’ time which you’re worried about then The Model Method Online could be the answer to all your weight loss prayers. This an eight-week programme that guides you through improving your fitness levels and ways of eating. By signing up you will gain access to a whole host of online videos which will allow you to alternate between 30-minute and 15-minute workouts, which can be carried out anywhere, at any time, with no equipment needed meaning you really have no excuse but to fit in some exercise!

Bouncing for joy

Finding any kind of “alone time” for those of our readers which are parents can often seem impossible, and you might be right! So why not include the kids in your work out? This might sound like madness (let alone a little chaotic) but it can work really well if you get creative.  Kids instinctively like to move, and it wears them out making bed time a little bit easier so why not visit your local trampoline park – Flip Out is a great group of trampoline parks – where you can all bounce happy and burn off some calories. They have hyperlocal locations such as the North London Brent Cross branch with is easy to get to and offers great pricing.

If a trip to a trampoline park isn’t feasible then you could choose for a cost-free option like putting on a child friendly work out DVD in the comfort of your own home. There are lots to choose from including 6 Fit Kids' Workouts or Move 'N Groove Kids Go to the Zoo. Yes, the music might be a little bit annoying, but it will engage the little ones while you all lose a few calories!

You are what you eat

There is no use doing a work out if you are going to indulge in unhealthy food at the end and this is where the age-old saying ‘you are what you eat’ speaks the truth. To make sure you maximise the results of the blood sweat and tears from your work out, why not download Lifesum? This nifty app allows you to upload an image of the food you are consuming before presenting you with a full list of ingredients, nutritional information, and a food rating based on the nutritional value.

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