You are not like anyone else, and just like your fingerprints, your fitness journey and goals are individual to you. Someone else’s fitness level might be quite different to yours, because our bodies respond differently to training, our habits vary and our intentions play an important role, too. Your training objectives are key: remember, you are fit for what you train for. For example, a weightlifter may train six days a week and excel at his sport yet will struggle to run 5km, while a marathon runner may complete 42km with ease yet cannot lift more than a few kilo grammes in weight.

Set fitness goals that suit your lifestyle

Dame Kelly Holmes winning gold for the UK olympic team
Kelly Holmes

If you train to achieve a “couch to 5km” run and succeed, then you have improved your fitness levels massively and have achieved your goal. You will and should rightfully feel proud of your success! However, would British gold medalist, Kelly Holmes, set herself a fitness target of running 5km? Probably not. Because, of course, in comparison to top athletes you probably would not be considered fit. But compared to the YOU who was sitting on the couch mulling it over three months ago and who couldn’t’ even run for ten minutes, you are now in much better shape and are feeling fit. Sometimes comparing yourself to people fitter, richer or more successful than you can stop you from even trying to push yourself. If you can identify with this habit, then now is the time to stop and rethink.

Don’t make resolutions you cannot keep

woman training to run a 10k marathon
Example, to complete a 5km run

New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for never being kept, usually because they are overly optimistic. So, for 2024, set yourself an attainable goal to make next year a fitness and health success for you. This will obviously depend on your starting point and what interests you most. Keep it simple: challenge yourself to achieve ONE thing you thought you couldn’t accomplish, for example, to complete a 5km run (or a half marathon if you are already fairly active). If running is not your thing, there are a multitude of options out there! How about a swimming, gym or weightlifting challenge? Combine exercise with fun and try pole dancing, Zumba, or rollerblading.  Get in touch with your inner self and take up yoga or set off on a pilgrimage to complete the Camino de Santiago!

Pick something that attracts you, something that is a challenge rather than a chore. Once you’ve decided, write it down and then plan a sensible and manageable training schedule to achieve this. (If you need some individual guidance, you can contact Dan for advice).

No one ever regrets doing some exercise

Nothing feels better than having energy, feeling strong and happy in your body, confident and successful. Furthermore, setting yourself a challenge, planning for it sensibly, following through on that plan and then achieving it is extremely satisfying and will release lots of that feel-good hormone, dopamine. There may be days you really have to dig deep to complete your training schedule but remember… you never regret the exercise you did!! Take the big step and decide to improve your fitness in 2024 and thereby improve your life, your health, and your wellbeing.

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